Hingham Newspaper Database

Hingham’s historical newspapers are now available online! Every issue of the Hingham Gazette (1827-1838), the Hingham Patriot (1834-1848), and the Hingham Journal (1850-present) is available in a keyword searchable format. You can now search, browse, crop, and download articles directly to your computer. All issues from 1827 to 1977 are available from home at the below link:

1827 to 1977

Due to copyright restrictions, issues from 1978 to the present are only available on computers within the Hingham Public Library through the below link:

1978 to Present

Things to Know:

  • Preview text on the results page is often inaccurate due to the database’s limited ability to recognize special characters, images, and advertisements.
  • To crop or save a specific section of a page, use the “Clip” function at the top followed by the right directional arrow at the bottom of your selection.
  • Results cannot be sorted chronologically at this time, but the filters on the left of the results page can refine your search by decade or year.