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Amazon Echo Dot

Alexa is the "brain" behind the Echo speakers and devices from Amazon. Requires a phone or tablet app.

A book sized display projector.

Mini Theater Projector

Connect this projector to a computer, phone, or tablet.

We also have portable 80 inch projector screens.

A steering wheel sized speaker with microphone.

Tailgater Wireless Speaker

A wireless speaker system an microphone. Can connect to music players via bluetooth and can play the radio.

A microphone stand with a flat space for a tablet or phone.

Singstand Karaoke Speaker

Connects to your phone or tablet via bluetooth or a 3.5mm audio cord. The stand also can connect to two microphones (included) and a guitar (not included).

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Streaming Devices

Stream movies and TV shows from Netflix, Hulu, and more with our collection of streaming media players. You may need to create or use your own account for the device's full features.

A 2DS XL unfolded and powered on.

New 2DS XL and New 3DS XL

Nintendo's portable gaming device. Both types of systems play 3DS games.

The Wii-console in its stand with controller.

Nintendo Wii

Nintendo's motion control video game console.

The Nintendo switch console with its controller.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo's latest video game console.

Super NES Classic

Super NES Classic

Nintendo’s “Super Nintendo” emulator with 21 retro games installed.

Piano Keyboard

Piano Keyboard

An electrontic piano keyboard.

Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard

Google's virtual reality viewer. Requires a phone app.

Beats Pill Speaker

Beats Pill Speaker

A bluetooth speaker.



Plays CDs, tapes and radio. It can also connect to a device with an audio jack.

80 inch projector screen

80 Inch Projector Screen

Portable and lightweight. Comes in a carrying bag

portable cd player

Portable CD Player

A small portable cd player.

Oculus Quest Virtual Reality Headset

Oculus Virtual Reality Headset

An Oculus Quest virtual reality headset which doesn’t require  a computer. Comes preloaded with several games.

Nintendo Switch Game Controllers

Nintendo Switch Game Controller

Extra controllers for the Nintendo Switch

Portable Air Drumsticks

Portable Air Drumsticks

Electronic drumsticks that connect to an app based drum set.

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