Hingham Public Library will offer patrons responsive services delivered in an efficient and effective manner, and will:

  • Provide materials and services to contribute to and enhance the personal enrichment, enjoyment, and educational endeavors of its patrons
  • Nurture personal growth, stimulate intellectual curiosity and encourage life-long learning
  • Encourage early childhood literacy
  • Enable individuals of all ages to explore their community and the world through cultural, artistic, historical and informational programs and displays
  • Provide service on equal terms to all individuals in the community and work toward the development of the individual as a citizen and by example the removal of ignorance, intolerance and indifference in the community
  • Be a community center and destination where residents of all ages can meet to exchange ideas, discuss issues and enjoy a non-partisan atmosphere
  • Offer a diverse collection of print, media and electronic materials that meets patrons’ recreational and educational needs and interests by including both popular current titles and literary classics
Hingham Public Library at night