Clemens Gallery

Light, Color, Ocean, and Land

Art by Phil Lang

On display from December 2 to January 4

Artist Statement:

"I am a carpenter builder and have been doing carpentry and woodworking for 47 years. I have also been painting and wood carving for many years. I lived on Cape Cod for some 25 years, Nantucket for 15 years, and currently I live in Brockton, MA. Some of my work is on exhibit at Adult & Teen Challenge in Brockton. I also have an exhibit at Stacy Adams Cultural Art Center also in Brockton. Most of my work consists of oil on canvas which includes moon scapes, sunsets, and seascapes."

A sailboat traveling away on the ocean

Application to Exhibit

The Clemens Gallery is accepting applications. If you are interested in exhibiting, please fill out the following applications and submit them to the Library Director: