Home Delivery

About the Service
Elderly or disabled residents of Hingham need not miss out on library services. Thanks to a devoted group of volunteers, the Hingham Public Library offers a special home delivery service for people who cannot get out to visit the Library.

The patron fills out a list of preferences, which is kept on file at the Library. In addition to regular editions of books, patrons may also borrow from the Library's wide-ranging collection of large print, books on disc, and DVDs. Volunteers consult the patron's preference list in choosing titles, which are delivered to the patron's residence (including local nursing homes) every two weeks. In the same visit, materials borrowed earlier are picked up and returned to the library.

Starting Service
If you or someone you know could use this service, either temporarily or on a regular basis, please call the Circulation Desk of the Hingham Public Library at 781-741-1405, ext. 1402 and ask to have Home Delivery started.