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Art Gallery Application


  1. 1. Exhibit Information
  2. 2. Terms of Exhibiting
  3. 3. Application
  4. 4. Proposed Exhibit Information
  5. 5. Liability Release
  • Exhibit Information

    1. Exhibition Opportunities

      The Hingham Public Library is pleased to invite applications for exhibitions in the Clemens and Dolphin Galleries located in the Library’s main lobby

      Applications may be submitted at any time. The Clemens Gallery is the Library’s showcase for smaller shows. It is also the place for community artists, particularly those without the reputations or resources that would enable them to exhibit at art museums or commercial galleries, to show their work. The Dolphin Gallery is the Library’s venue for larger shows and established artists.

      Collectively, the exhibits aim to reflect a variety of media, styles, cultural viewpoints, and levels of artistic experience. At this time, the Library doesn’t have secure exhibit cases necessary for smaller 3-D art work. Exhibitors are not charged for use of the facilities. However, the Library does receive a 25% sales commission from any items sold during a show.

    2. Exhibit Selection

      The Gallery applications are reviewed by the Library Director and/or designated staff. Responses to applications typically are made within 30 days.

      The Library also partners with the North River Arts Society in Marshfield to program approximately half of the Dolphin Gallery’s exhibits. These shows are selected solely by the North River Arts Society. Exhibits generally run for 30-60 days. Exhibit duration is determined by the Hingham Public Library.

    3. The Space

      The Clemens Gallery is located in the lobby to the right of the main entrance and its dimensions are 24 feet long with a 7 foot ceiling. The Dolphin Gallery is located to the left of the main entrance and its dimensions are 48 feet with a 7 feet, 5 inch ceiling. Both galleries have a preinstalled hanging system and adjustable dedicated lighting.

      The artist is responsible for hanging the show on the Library’s pre-installed hardware. Artists should familiarize themselves with the features and limitations of the gallery space before submitting an application. No nails, thumbtacks, adhesives, etc. may be used directly on the walls unless the Library Director has approved an exception.