Dolphin Gallery

Patricia Walsh Slaven: Vision
January 7 - March 2, 2017

The North River Arts Society presents the photography of Patricia Walsh Slaven.

“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others” – Jonathan Swift

My aesthetic grows out of the beauty found in nature. Because I enjoy the
process of exploring and experimentation, I love discovering something
unexpected in an otherwise normal landscape and sharing that new view
with the world.

Vision is a series studying movement, motion, color, texture and timing;
blurring the lines between photography and painting by utilizing camera
techniques to create fluid and abstract landscapes. I choose from a varied
combination of techniques to achieve the effects such as panning of the
camera with slow shutter speeds, and a series of movements to create
abstract images with unpredictable results.

The impressionistic and abstract feeling of my work creates an intimate and
emotional connection that is different for each viewer. I am fascinated by the
idea that a piece of art can be open to multiple interpretations by different
people. Similar to dreams where a quick flash of an image sparks
reminiscent feelings, I am hoping that the images will bring the viewer to a
long forgotten memory. Whether having been to the location photographed
or if it sparks a repressed memory of a similar time and place, in this fast
paced world it is even more important to stop and hold onto objects in
nature and appreciate them for their simple beauty while letting them
continually stir your mind's thoughts.

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Patricia Walsh Slaven, Drifts

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