Dolphin Gallery

Christine Bodnar: Recurring Romance

March 4 - April 27, 2017

The North River Arts Society presents the pastels of Christine Bodnar.

"The collection's title Recurring Romance, refers to a connection with the landscape, the familiarity, a personal attachment that has been formed. A writer will be descriptive about such a connection or experience, a painter uses a physical action to convey this relationship, this emotional reaction, which sometimes is an unexplainable attraction to revisit a place, to never get bored, or complacent with it’s mood or temperament. The first encounter, description, is vivid and well painted, then it becomes more; it becomes an intense beauty of simple notes, an abstract version of what is really being embraced.

I have been working primarily in pastel and loving every minute. I enjoy the immediate, fresh, and vibrant nature of the medium; it is what I respond to as a painter. Inspired by how light sets the drama of color, shadow, and rhythm in a composition makes the process an event that continues onto the next painting. Lately I have reverted back to early training in oils and acrylics, and working with the figure, which can reintroduce the importance of design and movement. These paintings are a result of a recurring observation, lingering romance, for the essence of time and place; explaining it with a contemporary and expressive interpretation."

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Content by Christine Bodnar

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