Dolphin Gallery

The Art of Brooks Anderson: Paintings from the Edge

June 30 - July 26

Light, composition, color, subject matter, and verisimilitude are key components in my work. Simply put, my goal in painting is not to copy Nature, but to stand back, pause, and dive in, to reveal its depths. My work is about the feel of the landscape, seascape, cloudscape: to transcribe what I see - and that which is unseen; and to relish in the act of painting, responding to what is happening on the surface, as if this is the first time this vision has been bestowed and revealed. My recent work in New England, and more specifically to our South Shore, exhibits a reverence for the Hudson River School, a modern take on “Luminism.” These truly are paintings from the edge: to that point of land, which cuts right to the heart; that solitary island which weathers all that is thrown at it; and to the shear essence of light and poetic composition. My work is represented in Boston; Essex, CT; and Chicago, IL. Welcome!

Please join the artist for a reception on Monday, July 2nd, 5-7pm.

tidal marsh

2018 Dolphin Gallery Upcoming Schedule

  • July 28 - September 27: Marsha Gleason
  • September 29 - November 1: Ronald Wilson
  • November 3 - December 27: "Girls Just Wanna Paint" group exhibit

Application to Exhibit

The Clemens and Dolphin galleries are now accepting applications for exhibiting in 2019. If you are interested in exhibiting, please fill out the following applications and submit them to the Library Director: