Dolphin Gallery

The Art of Lauren Bass:

April 29 - May 30

"I have always been captivated by art. I love entering a world created by a skilled artist, a beautiful or sometimes poignant place, telling its story with gorgeous brush stroke of color and shapes. While musicians and writers have superpowers in their ability to affect lives with their craft, I believe visual artists create magic--to start with a blank canvas and have an image emerge is magic. There is beauty all around us. It moves me. I am particularly interested in the effects of light; the moods it evokes, and the shapes it forms as it falls and travels across objects. I was torn in college between studying art and psychology. I enjoy people. I’m curious to learn their story and what makes them tick. The job of the portrait artist is to not only accurately render the abstract shapes that comprise a sitter’s head, but to peer in, engage and observe subtleties to emphasize the sitter’s individuality. The likeness comes in how the person varies from the norm. I search for and highlight this uniqueness."

Please join the artist for their reception Tuesday, May 7 from 6-8pm.

breaking-the-surface art

Application to Exhibit

The Clemens and Dolphin galleries are now accepting applications for exhibiting in 2019. If you are interested in exhibiting, please fill out the following applications and submit them to the Library Director: