Clemens Gallery

The Art of Lelia Stokes Weinstein: Memories of Hingham

August 25 - September 27

I have been a resident of Hingham all my life. Growing up in such a beautiful place that has the harbor, open fields and woods has shaped my love of nature. This selection of work in the blue pallet reflect that love of sky and water.

I work with encaustic which is a from of art dating back to ancient Egypt. It involves mixing beeswax, damar resin and ground pigments and then applying this paint when melted to a surface. The wax starts to harden in seconds and has to be fused with heat to properly adhere to itself. Surfaces are built up with dozens of layers.

My process is a combination of working on an idea that I want to express or just playing with materials, allowing my subconscious to make the decisions. The later is fun because suddenly I 'awaken' from a sort of trance or meditation, a place of no thought, to find something pleasing has been created.

As a working landscape designer, the three dimensional capability of wax calls to me, whether it is a buildup of layers on a panel or embedded objects in a sculptural piece.

My work often incorporates visual movement. The flow of pigment, the rustle of leaves and the blur between land, water and air call to me.

Please join the artist for a reception on Thursday September 13th from 5-7pm.
Weinstein_Lelia Stokes_Reflection

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