Clemens Gallery

Russell Johanson: Coastal Shorelines & Harbors
July 1 - July 27, 2017

"I was married in 1958 and purchased a small bungalow on Cushing Street, as I wanted to live near the ocean. I am a Builder and designed and built a new home next door, which I am still residing in.

When I completed my home, I then built a 29' sailboat in my front yard over a period of two years. With my new sailboat I joined the South Shore Yacht Club and was a member for ten years, including being a Commodore.

I sold my sailboat and purchased a 23' Ensign racing class sailboat, which I took with me to the Hingham Yacht Club in 1989, as they had an Ensign fleet at that time. I am still at the Hingham Yacht Club as of this date, and have had many other cruising sailboats.

During all these years I was an amateur photographer. Now that I am retired I plan to continue to visit our beautiful coastal towns and take digital photos."

8x10 Cat Boat Photograph

2017 Clemens Gallery Schedule

  • July 29 - August 24: World's End Exhibit
  • September 30 - November 2: Gail Nathanson
  • November 4 - November 30: Susie O'Brien
  • December 1 - January 4, 2018: Michael Metcalf

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