Clemens Gallery

The Art of Rob Franco: Reflections
June 28 - July 25

Artist's Statement:

"My passion for art began at an early age during visits to a neighborhood artist in Newport, Rhode Island. This led to training as an illustrator in the US Air Force and continued as a graphic artist in the Boston area. 

After studing with renowned artist and teacher, Albert Handell at his drawing and pastel workshops in Woodstock, New York, the focus of my art was portraits of children and animals. 

While a student of the late David Ratner and John Evans, both renowned artists, my passion turned to oil painting. This medium allows me to build paintings with texture, using palette knifes, brayers and assorted brushes. 

A fascination with the ocean and other bodies of water continues to inspire my work. I enjoy searching the New England and the Eastern Shore to find boats and wild life such as the Wild Assateague Island ponies, birds, and sea creatures to paint. 

Looking into a tidal pool or the reflection of a boat on the water gives me an emotional feeling of calm. The colors produced by the boat, sky, water and sand enrich the scene. Reflections on the water are fleeting and the light and colors are ever changing. Finding these painting opportunities is always exciting and priceless to me."


Application to Exhibit

The Clemens gallery is accepting applications for exhibiting in 2018. Currently, the Dolphin Gallery is booked for the 2019 season. If you are interested in exhibiting in the Clemens Gallery, please fill out the following applications and submit them to the Library Director: