Borrowing & Fine Policy

Loan Periods
Most materials, except for new or special materials, may be checked out for 14 days. Reference and historical materials do not circulate. There are no restrictions on the number of books that may be checked out at one time, though we impose reasonable limits to insure equitable access during peak demand periods for specific titles or subjects. There are restrictions on the number of audio-visual collections which may be borrowed at one time. Restrictions are posted at the Audio-Visual Department desk.

Materials may be renewed a maximum of 2 times as long as no one else has requested them. New materials and all AV materials may be renewed once. Telephone renewals are accepted for all items eligible for renewal. Users with Internet access may renew eligible items online.

To request a book or other item not on the shelf, patrons may place a "hold" on the item. The hold may be placed by the patron via the directions on the public access terminals or through our catalog on the internet. Staff also can place your hold. Request slips also may be filled out at the main desk for items you wish the Library to consider for purchase.

Borrowed items may be returned at any circulation point in the Library. Book and AV drops for use when the Library is closed are located near the Library´s main entrance.

Fine Schedule

Item Daily Rate
Maximum Fines
Books $0.20 $10.00
Magazines $0.20 $3.00
DVDs and Videos
$0.20 $10.00
Books on Tape / CD
$0.20 $10.00
Music CDs
$0.20 $10.00
Software $0.20 $10.00
AV Equipment $0.20 $10.00

Juvenile Fine Schedule

Item Daily Rate
Maximum Fines
Books $0.10 $10.00
Magazines $0.10 $3.00
DVDs/Videos $0.10 $10.00
Books on Tape / CD
$0.10 $10.00
Music CDs / Tapes
$0.10 $10.00
Software $0.10 $10.00
Toys $0.10 $10.00
AV Equipment $0.10 $10.00

Charges for lost and damaged materials are based on the replacement cost plus accumulated fines.

Accumulated charges may result in suspension of borrowing privileges at the Hingham Public Library and throughout the Old Colony Library Network.

Rental Charges
Rental DVDs are loaned at $1 per day.

Technology Borrowing
Various technology devices and equipment are available to borrow in the Audiovisual Department. Please contact this department for a current list of offerings at 781-741-1405, ext. 1407.